Type O Negative All Hallows Eve

In honour of this here day, a bit of type o negative.  \M/

Fleshpress - Spiral Filter Forcing You Down To Black Pyramid

Thought i would listen to something a bit different today.

Trick ‘r Treat - Official Trailer 2009

It only took me two years to get around to watching this, after putting it off all that time, and i have to say that it was fantastic.

A really good anthology delivered with the stories almost seamlessly leading into each other. If you haven’t already seen it, then make sure you do this weekend.

Killer Condom Trailer

The rubber that rubs you out!

Is this for serious, right up there with weird monster choices.

RetarDEAD trailer

I shall be watching this little beauty as part of a week of zombie films.


Haha oh my, this is either going to be hilarious or as bad as Special Dead. Only one way to find out though.

"MASKS" MORBIDO Teaser 2011

The music is a pure Argento rip off but could this be this years Amer?


My favourite Opeth song, it was all downhill from here haha

Piranha 3DD Trailer

Fuck yeah finally.

Yes! Yes! And Yes! This trailer looks as good as i had hoped and it looks like they have certainly delivered on the DD front…and beyond

The Pedo-Files - Brass Eye

Paedogeddon - Chris Hansen could learn a thing or three. They don’t deserve punishment, they deserve gunishment!